Culination Magazine’s 2015 Top Picks

Here we are…2016. It’s safe to say 2015 was a great year for many. We saw some amazing groups step up and make waves in the industry.  We found some new friends in a few of them. Here is a stellar group of companies that you should get to know. We call them our “2015 Top Picks”. Incredible products from exceptional people. Wait to see what they’re doing in the new year!






~ BetterBody Foods ~


Remember when our friends over at BetterBody Foods sent us that package of samples?

Oh. My.

It was so great.


If you’re not familiar with them it’s probably because you’re not looking. They are popping up everywhere now! BBF has the best organic and natural foods for cooking, baking, health and wellness. And yes, you can even find them at Walmart.


Our in-house chef whipped up some coconut pancakes, better known as paleo pancakes. You’ll want to try them (totally yum). He actually made quite a bit of tasty treats with the BBF products. Not one person could resist them, and these people can be hard to please!



BBF 5They recently started working with and together have launched a health food based website.

Official statement- launches a health food based website that retails food products. is focused on selling high quality health products that include Non-GMO, organic, all-natural, gluten free food products.BBF 6 has announced that it is the official online retailer of the popular natural food products BetterBody Foods which carries the popular peanut powder product, PBFIT.  The full BetterBody Foodsline will be available for retail on as well as Fitplanet’s Amazon channel which includes the option of Prime 2-Day shipping.

Visit for more information.


Remember to keep an eye out for them- BetterBody Foods!




~ NatureSeal Inc ~

NatureSeal 1

There are no greater people than those at NatureSeal. Everything about them is down to earth, and they just happened to create a brilliant product, as well. Their shelf-life extending products, for produce, have been recognized for continuing to meet the highest standards for quality.

We can personally tell you that this stuff works! You can read it here. It’s fabulous, and you will most definitely be amazed. Our produce not only lasts longer, but it’s remains bright and perfect!

NatureSeal 2If you would like to purchase for home use, you can do that right here. I recommend you absolutely buy NatureSeal for Guacamole and Avocado. NO browning!




They are now available on Amazon! Go check them out!

~ Symglass ~

 Symware 3


You absolutely must look into Symglass products. They make unbreakable pubware that looks just like glass! No, really. It definitely fooled me when I first held it. Oh, and they’re proud to say they are made right here in the US.

SymGLASS Launches PubWARE Unbreakable Drinkware for Commercial and Home UseSymware 2

Pubware 1


Visit Symglass for more information.



~ Source1 Purchasing ~

Source1 2

Source1 Purchasing has certainly been leaving a lasting impression on us. 2015 was a great year for this group. Source1 is the answer to cost management, savings and operational efficiency in the hospitality industry. They don’t mess around, and you will see that they get it done, and done right.

Check out what they have been up to…they’re busy, busy!

Source1 Purchasing Advances to Final Round as Florida Company to Watch

Source1 Purchasing Named as Florida Company to Watch

Source1 Purchasing and OPMA Raise the Bar for Industry Standards in Hospitality

Source1 Purchasing Rebate Funds Culinary Scholarships

Visit Source1 Purchasing to learn more about how they can help you.




~ New Belgium ~


“Here’s the thing: culture isn’t about what you say; it’s about what you do.”


Sure, you’ve probably heard of New Belgium Brewing in some way, shape or form. Maybe you’ve heard of Fat Tire? They’re a pretty big brewery. And they craft some amazing beers right there in Colorado.

We wouldn’t normally push for you to learn about the nooks and crannies of a company, but this one is exceptional. Did you know that they are 100% employee owned?! Did you know that New Belgium sees each and every employee as individuals and each gets a voice? It appears to be a very cool concept. Moreover, it seems to really work! We recommend that you give a quick hop over to check out their What We’re About page. Even more coolness awaits.

They are a machine that is not slowing down. 2015 was a great year for new ideas and products. Here are some of their accomplishments:

New Belgium Brewing Re-Releasing Lips of Faith Favorite, Eric’s Ale

New Belgium Brewing to Showcase Small Batch and Sour Beers Through Denver Pilot Brewery

New Belgium Brewing to Open Hawaii with Young’s Market Company

Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium Brewing Toast to the Next Pint in their Partnership


For more information on any of our 2015 Top Picks, feel free to contact us.


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