Capturing a Food Story, with Medium Raw Arts

We are all familiar with what a picture can capture, right? Each time we cast an eye toward a photo, we are voicelessly agreeing to bear that emotional ride- whether that be a good trip or a bad one. Well, with the exception of food. Food pictures seem to do the impossible- frowns, to smiles; anger, to happiness; settling, to aspiring. They even bring enemies together on a topic. The better the picture, the more drool we produce. Knowing who you can trust to organically capture your plated story is a fair amount of the work. You are about to learn why you call Medium Raw Arts when you want to share the tale of that mouth watering gem…


Medium Raw Arts was created by Jim Sullivan. Actually, it’s Chef Jim Sullivan (aka CJ). Naturally, it’s no mystery why he has a unique eye for food and drink art. CJ captures the ingredients purpose in each dish. He has respect for the food. This respect starts before the ingredients even meet each other. He knows which part of the plate craves a spotlight, while also balancing the soft notes of the unsuspecting element.


Chef Jim is a classically trained chef that graduated from the Art Institute. His love of food has few limitations. If he’s not traveling in search of inspiration, he’s probably cooking it up at a live event, or more likely still, preparing his creations for his other love- his family. No question, CJ is always hustling!


Medium Raw Arts has various projects ongoing, as well as loads of upcoming events. Current regular series include- One Dish, Portrait of a Chef, Bits & Pieces, and a short film series- The Bar Man. He is always taking on new projects, and loves to brainstorm new concepts. Some of his work can be seen right here, in Culination Magazine, where he takes post as our Creative Director. He is the chief photographer for Culimetrics Restaurant Consulting Group, Lundy Way Aprons, Amplified Ales, and Spoleto Italian Restaurants. He is also contributing photographer for Life and Thyme Magazine, True Cooks, DiningOut San Diego, LA Weekly, Tales of the Cocktail, and a host of restaurants/ clients. You’ll find him in the coming months at events like-

Latin American Art Festival

Austin Food and Wine Festival

Pig & Punch

Tales of the Cocktail (New Orleans)


You can see more of Chef Jim Sullivan and his work with Medium Raw Arts by visiting his website. You can also find him on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

*Photography by Medium Raw Arts, and friends

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