The previous soft drink season was a particularly fruitful summer for The Double Cola Company, pun intended.

Because of its over whelming success last summer, Strawberry SKI was the clear choice to offer once again to consumers in 2016. As a reminder, Strawberry SKI’s sweet and summery flavor was the winner of a “Flavor Your SKI” campaign hosted via SKI Citrus Soda social media channels Facebook and Twitter.The limited edition offering contains the original SKI formula made with natural lemon and orange juices, plus a delicious twist of strawberry flavor. It will be available in 20oz PET bottles in several independent stores.

Strawberry SKI will make its return in select territories throughout Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio from April to October, 2016. A pure cane sugar offering will be available in southern Illinois and the St. Louis metro-market, produced by SKI distributor Excel Bottling in Breese, IL.

“Due to the overwhelming response from our consumers and extraordinary success of our distributors, we will be offering Strawberry SKI again for a limited time in 2016!” states Jessie Shumate, Regional Sales Manager for The Double Cola Company.“This year, we are anticipating an even greater level of feedback from our fans, retail partners, and distributors.”


The Double Cola Company is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tenn., and works with a dedicated network of authorized bottlers and distributors to deliver refreshingly-different products at home and abroad. For more information, please visit

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