New workforce emerges called Shifters: restaurants and hotels turn to Shifters to avoid ACA failure

ShiftPixy, Inc. is already helping restaurants and hotels, initially in California, to avoid the many burdens created by the Affordable Care Act. ShiftPixy is lending out their private workforce ofShifters to third party employers. ShiftPixy is also providing unique insurance products, regulatory compliance services, and proprietary human administration tools to those restaurants and hotels that have been forced to reduce the size of their organizations.

“ShiftPixy, not the specific restaurant or hotel, retains this emerging workforce known as ‘Shifters’. All administrative and regulatory matters that normally accompany the hiring of Shifters is handled by ShiftPixy, totally removing that burden from the restaurant and hotel, now our contract employer. The restaurants and hotels that turn to ShiftPixy get the benefit of having a workforce, without the regulatory burdens that normally accompany the hiring of that workforce. The employer that contracted with ShiftPixy, gets to maintain normal workforce levels, while at the same time providing Shifters the opportunity to receive full time revenues and healthcare coverage,” states Scott Absher, CEO, ShiftPixy, Inc.

“The Affordable Care Act is affecting personnel decisions on many levels. Since employers are not required to offer coverage for employees who work less than 30 hours per week, many are planning to reduce workers’ hours as a result of the ACA. By making the Shifters into ShiftPixy employees, ShiftPixy can now lend them out to the third party employer restaurants and hotels who are in need of additional workers, and help them avoid ACA failure with penalties. The Company intends to produce a significant volume of publicity around the ShiftPixy compliance solution within the trade and financial media to attempt to attract additional clients,” continues Absher.

ShiftPixy has reported filing a Reg A+, the new SEC regulatory vehicle that allows non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest in a Company at an early stage (IPO). Previously, investing in pre-market IPO’s had been available to only a select few accredited or institutional investors.

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ShiftPixy, Inc. was created to take advantage of weaknesses in compulsory insurance markets where statutory requirements for business owners collide with the extremely limited access to the coverage and compliance they are required to have.

ShiftPixy management is in the optimal position to intermediate a more effective solution to meet the needs on both the provider and shift worker sides of this new labor reality in the U.S.  ShiftPixy has developed proprietary technology and client engagement processes that enable the Company to create high value on both sides of the U.S. shift work chasm.

ShiftPixy allows available and qualified shift workers to connect with immediately available shifts from participating ShiftPixy providers through a simple mobile application.  Shift workers or “Shifters” can find shift opportunities within their skill set and geographic range, and pick unfilled shifts when they need the work.

ShiftPixy processes the entire workflow on the provider side from offering open shifts, approving a Shifter based on their rich profile, to processing the entire payroll, insurance and regulatory demands for each shift hour worked.

ShiftPixy has filed an Offering Circular for the offering of its securities on Form 1-A with the Securities and Exchange Commission but the Offering Circular has not yet become qualified. You may obtain a copy of the most recent version of the Preliminary Offering Circular with the following link:

No money or consideration is being solicited by the information on this website or any other communication and, if sent, money will not be accepted and will be promptly returned.  No offer by a potential investor to buy our securities can be accepted and, if made, any such offer can be withdrawn before qualification of this offering by the SEC.  A potential investor’s indication of interest does not create a commitment to purchase the securities we are offering. Any such indication of interest may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind, at any time before notice of its acceptance is given and all other requirements to accept an investment from a potential investor are met after the offering qualification date.

The offering is being made only by means of the Offering Circular. The securities in our offering may not be sold nor may offers to buy be accepted prior to the time our Offering Circular is qualified by the SEC. Any information on our website or any other communication shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to qualification for sale as provided in Regulation A+ in any such state or jurisdiction.

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