Lost Car Chef Apparel- Building an Army

Lost Car Chef Apparel will bring high end designer chef coats directly to you.

Our mobile delivered clothing is a convenience factor that now serves you for a change!

~ Carlos Garcia, President

If you’re working in the kitchen, and don’t know about Lost Car Chef Apparel, then maybe you should step outside and see what’s really going on in the world. Lost Car has been bringing out the very best in chef coats for just over 2 years now. Carlos Garcia, the President, spent over 20 years as a chef before taking the leap to launch a new passion- chef’s apparel. It’s safe to say that only a chef can know specifically what a chef needs–that’s exactly what makes Lost Car so awesome and increasingly sought after. They make products that are not only super functional, but stunning in appearance.

You can ask the chefs sporting Lost Car, and they will tell you that these guys know their business. Chef Michael Mina has his organization outfitted by Lost Car. That should tell you something about these products.

Chef Michael Mina and team
Chef Michael Mina and team in Chuck


Need more? How about US Foods…would knowing that they are fully garbed in LC make you give them another look?

The team at US Foods in Briks
The team at US Foods in Briks


You will quickly learn why so many of your peers are signing up to be a part of the Lost Car Army. Yep, you heard that right- The Lost Car Army. Actually, it’s most notably seen as #LostCarArmy. Early on, it was Chef Joe Bonavita in Florida that came up with the hashtag…and it just stuck. Now, you can even get shirts baring #LostCarArmy

While Carlos and the team had little to do with the hashtag, they have everything to do with increasing the number of enlisted members. For starters, they are doing more than just designing their products, they also manufacture all of their own apparel. They use accredited apparel houses in Sri Lanka and Guatemala. It wasn’t enough to read up on the factories before deciding to work with them. Carlos was adamant that he go visit these factories to see for himself. “Yes, I’ve spent time walking the factories ensuring everything is perfect. The employees are all very happy and make a great living wage”. Lost Car Chef Apparel takes every step into consideration, and it most definitely shows. Like with their trucks…they made a smart decision right from the beginning. They knew a traditional store would not work for them. Chefs rarely leave the kitchen, and if they do, it’s certainly not to go clothes shopping! Carlos knew that the only way to be a formidable force would require going to the chefs.

Lost Car

It’s a passion, and you don’t need but a few moments of chatting with Carlos to learn a whole lot about who he is and what he stands for. He’s pretty much “just him” from start. He believes that if you want someone’s business, you have to get to know them and what they’re about. Moreover, he appreciates every penny that comes in. “Any sale is big to me, even if it’s 15 dollars. Just as important as day one. That’s what I instill in myself and my associates.” Beyond all, he believes, “Manners, Please and Thank you for life! If you don’t have manners…go Fuck yourself, you’re not working with us.” You gotta figure that pretty much says a lot about their buyers, eh!

Here they are- two years later, and 3 trucks running. That’s not all that’s grown in that time. More business means more hands needed. They’ve since brought in new people to help the army grow. The original crew is still intact. Of course, there’s no story without them, so there should be no story without them, right? They are the founding three- Carlos- Head Honcho, Jennifer Perez- Director of Operations and Leo Garcia- Master Embroiderer. We can tell you that all hands are most certainly on deck at Lost Car. Any one of their team members will step up to do what they can to help you. If you can meet up with them on the truck, you’d have an experience. It’s not just about being able to touch the fabrics, or sift through the many styles available, in a tricked out mobile shop. Maybe you’ll even get some details that are only struck up face-to-face. Like learning about Frank.

Frank is their #1 seller. What’s even more special? Carlos shares, “Frank was my grandpa. He was my hero. Everything I wish to be in a man, father, brother and worker. His birthday was Friday. He’s been gone for 12 years. I miss him always.” It sounds as though it’s meant to be, and has been #1 for some time, now in it’s 3.0 phase. You can see why!

Frank (3.0 shown here) is a fan favorite and #1 seller
Frank (3.0 shown here) is a fan favorite and #1 seller *Photo by Medium Raw Arts

These guys are growing, and fast! They just hired sales reps for Las Vegas and Phoenix, and are actively looking for others. So, spread the word!

While Huntington Beach, California is home base, Lost Car Chef Apparel is quick to be wherever they are needed. You can find out more by visiting their site, or checking them out on social media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


***Be sure to check back for our extended interview with Carlos! 

“Every coat has meaning behind it. Sometimes we have coats ready to launch and I won’t because I don’t have a name that means something”.


Now’s a fabulous time to buy! The group at Lost Car wants to extend a special offer to you with the mention of this article- 20% off or the difference in a donation to Wounded Warrior Project in Frank’s name, in honor of his birthday, 7/29. Just email carlos@lostcarchef.com with this mention and your order!

Their generosity inspired us to also kick up some love. If you embroider the Culination Magazine logo, they will also send you a special t-shirt as our thanks!

#LostCarArmy  One Army. One Family. One Company.

Check out what they’re doing with Chef’s Roll!



Cover photo by Medium Raw Arts

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