Test Kitchen: Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo

Culination Magazine received samples of Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo from Para Public Relations several months ago. This piece is long overdue. I owe you this public apology, dear Terri McCoy. You have been outstanding to work with! Please know that my tardiness does not speak at all of my opinions/ experiences with you!! I’ll admit that some of the delay was partly due to my lack of words…this condiment is the answer to my longtime sandwich blues. My BLT has never known such amazingness!

Avo Mayo

Let me tell you the specifics, first.

This avocado oil mayo has a clean ingredient profile. Non-GMO certified, dairy free, naturally gluten-free, and free from soy and canola oils. It’s approved by Paleo & Primal diets. It’s high in Omega 9 fatty acids, which are cardio protective. The eggs come from cage free chickens (happy ones, in fact). They use 100% non-gmo ingredients, a touch of organic honey- versus refined sugar, and a touch of rosemary extract- as a natural antioxidant to preserve freshness.


All that being said, you can safely embark into this taste test with little concern about making a poor decision for your body. Your taste buds will definitely appreciate you taking the leap, too.


For me, there are some sandwiches that have always seemed- just meh. I like may…but if I’m perfectly honest, in small doses from time to time. Generally, using just enough to add a little “moisture” to the sandwich. In most cases, I use entirely different condiments to avoid the mayo. Of course, there are some sandwiches that cannot be had without mayo- like a BLT (or the BLAT, adding in avocado).  Suffice it to say, I was truly excited to try out Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo.


Texture-wise, it is mayo. Well, probably more like Miracle Whip. I hesitate to say that, though, because it’s not at all in the flavor. See, my only requirement with mayonnaise is it MUST be Hellmann’s (or Best Foods, depending on your geographic location). I don’t care for Miracle Whip much, at all. So please understand that my comparison including Miracle Whip is ONLY related to texture. The flavor is great! I won’t say that -it’s mayo, spot on- it’s not. It’s better. It’s not at all strongly unique in flavor. I think that’s actually the best part. It’s subtle, yet quite wonderful.

Over the course of many, many weeks, and even more sandwiches, I can say that various accompaniments do not alter the flavor. It’s consistently great across the board.

If you feel like your sandwich is missing something, too, I urge you to pick up some of Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo and give it a try. After tasting this, you’ll probably get a little carried away making all those things you’ve missed out on, from avoiding mayo. Dig out that “tried & true” Deviled Egg recipe!


Thanks again to Terri and the folks at Chosen Foods! Their line of products are all super amazing! You can find them online at the site shopping, or on Amazon. To find stores that carry Chosen Foods near you, click here.

Chosen Foods is on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Written by: Barb Stanley


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