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Global. Local. Fresh. Fusion. Ethnic. Authentic. Small Bites. Pairings. The list of food and beverage trends is endless, yet provides an opportunity for success at the table and bar. With everyone talking about so many trends, it’s difficult for busy restaurants and bar owners to stay up-to-date and capitalize on the most promising ones.

Farmhouse Dinnerware
Farmhouse Dinnerware

To help customers benefit from the seemingly endless list of trends, Libbey launched a new platform in 2016. Libbey Professional Insights gathers, analyzes and curates food and beverage trend data in one place for easy access for busy foodservice professionals. Through inspired presentations, Libbey Professional Insights provides restaurants and bars integrated tabletop solutions – dinnerware, serveware, glassware and flatware – that pair well with trend-driven menu items.

“While information on foodservice trends is widely available, it’s time consuming to gather and translate into the needs of an establishment,” said Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey Inc. “Libbey Professional Insights provides information about trends along with insights on how the right tableware and glassware can help an establishment capitalize on trends and elevate the guest experience,” Dountas added.

Libbey identified four overarching trends in 2016 and rolled them out on Each trend is paired with a variety of Libbey products that can set any foodservice establishment up for success.


Make a Claim

Slenda Practica
Slenda Practica

Telling a distinctive, memorable story is a key differentiator for restaurants. Guests want to hear the inspiration behind the crafted cocktail, embrace the ethos of the kitchen and understand an establishment’s values. Local, all-natural, fresh ingredients and house-made dishes and cocktails presented in ways that connect to an establishment’s story deepen guests’ experiences and generate rave reviews. Rustic farmhouse-style dinnerware brings an authentic presentation to fresh and local claims.


Push the Boundaries

Global Coos Bay
Global Coos Bay

From Sriracha to Za’atar, adventurous guests want to experiment with flavors from every corner of the globe. In addition to expanding what they eat, guests also are redefining when they eat, creating new (and blurring) day parts. Moving beyond traditional borders creates opportunities to differentiate menus and items, such as colorful, globally inspired oven-to-table dinnerware can create a more immersive, satisfying experience for guests.


Shareable and Personal

Bars and restaurants are gathering places that enable conversation, comfort and connection. While enjoying these social aspects, guests still crave a personal experience to meet their unique tastes. Trays heaped high with charred vegetables or smoked pork can satisfy the communal wishes of guests while accompanying bowls with garnishes, dustings and sauces can provide personalization. The tabletop solution makes the experience enjoyable and memorable, and can turn visitors into loyal guests.

All Things Spirited


Mixologists, cicerones and sommeliers all are fusing their imaginations and talents into an artistic cocktail culture. The bar scene is now full of business opportunities. Whether glamorizing a classic gin and tonic in brilliant cut glassware or using sensual elements, such as smoke and flair, using the right glass is essential. This intensifies aromas and tastes while capturing the right look. Authenticity and an elevated beverage experience helps an establishment satisfy guests and enhance the bottom line.

“We have identified these overarching trends based on the latest research and will continue to interpret these and emerging trends related to the latest taste-driven movements,”added Dountas.


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