Jefferson’s Bourbon Introduces Jefferson’s Reserve Old Rum Cask Finish

Kentucky bourbon aged in barrels that once held

Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum marks the brand’s latest release


Jefferson’s Bourbon, a collection of bourbons made in ridiculously small batches, is proud to introduce the newest expression to its portfolio: Jefferson’s Reserve Old Rum Cask Finish. This expression, debuting nationwide mid-October, features Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon that was aged and fully matured in Kentucky prior to being finished in barrels that once held Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum.

The result of this experiment is a bourbon with a deep caramel color and maple and banana flavors that shine in the finish. There is also a hint of spice from the rum that helps balance out the overall flavor profile.

Founder of Jefferson’s Bourbon, Trey Zoeller, started the aging process by procuring Kentucky straight bourbon that was originally aged for eight years in Kentucky. In December 2014, this bourbon went into old Gosling’s Rum barrels, which previously housed the Family Reserve Old Rum, named the Rum of The Year by The Caribbean Journal in 2012. The barrels themselves have a compelling history — they held bourbon for four years, then held Gosling’s for 16 years, then were sent back to Trey for this experiment, in which he dumped the eight-year old, straight Kentucky whiskey. The bourbon aged for 15 additional months in these barrels before bottling.

“A couple of years ago, I was with Malcolm Gosling and tried his Old Gosling’s Family Reserve and thought it was fantastic,” says Zoeller. “Not being a rum drinker, I poured a little Jefferson’s Reserve and topped it off with the Gosling’s Old Rum and loved it.  I immediately asked Malcolm if I could get a hold of his Old Family Reserve Rum cask.”

This is not the brand’s first collaborative project. Zoeller has worked with nationally-renowned Chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia in Louisville, KY to create a special Chef’s Collaboration bourbon meant to pair especially well with Lee’s spicy Korean food. He’s barrel-aged a Manhattan and sold the finished experiment as a premium bottled cocktail nationwide in collaboration with Esquire magazine, and, most recently, he’s collaborated with James Beard Award-winning Chef John Besh in an experiment to float barrels of bourbon along the waterways from Louisville to New York City to determine the difference in maturation and taste from shipping methods of the past and today.

Zoeller put the brand on the map by daring to go where most other producers would not. He has sent bourbon barrels on global ship voyages – crossing several continents and climate zones in the process – and he has aged bourbon in wine barrels to see how it would affect its finish. In keeping with this brand ethos, Jefferson’s Reserve Old Rum Finish tests the boundaries of the traditional whiskey category while still keeping the core aging process steeped in tradition.

“Sometimes you act on a hunch and it turns out as you expected it to,” adds Zoeller.

Jefferson’s Reserve Old Rum Cask Finish will be available on shelves nationwide mid-October and will retail for $79.99.


Jefferson’s Bourbon is a collection of bourbons made in ridiculously small batches, which was founded in 1997 by Trey Zoeller and his father Chet, a famed bourbon author and historian. The two seek out new and aged barrels of bourbon from established distilleries that have perfected distilling over hundreds of years. Then they do some old-fashioned experimenting, building balance and adding complexity through different selection, agitation and environmental processes until they find the taste Jefferson’s is now known for. Trey compares his process to nature vs. nurture – the distilled product represents the bourbon in its natural state, which is then nurtured, or manipulated, by Trey to enhance the flavors, maturation and quality of the finished product.  The Jefferson’s Bourbon portfolio includes Jefferson’s, Jefferson’s Reserve, Jefferson’s Presidential Select, Jefferson’s Rye, Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration, Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged at Sea, Jefferson’s & Esquire: The Manhattan, Jefferson’s Reserve Groth Finish,  Jefferson’s Wood Experiments, and Jefferson’s Reserve Old Rum Cask Finish. To see the whole Jefferson’s portfolio and learn more about upcoming releases, please visit

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