Beaverton Foods Offers Up Tailgate Recipes

Beaverton Foods wants you to have the tastiest of tailgating. Here are some recipes to give a try!

inglehoffer-cream-style-horseradish-squeeze inglehoffer-stone-ground-mustard-squeeze

Easy Roast Beef Sandwiches

 1 French Baguette

2 lb. thinly sliced deli roast beef

1 cup beef bouillon or beef stock

Beaver Brand Squeeze or Inglehoffer Squeeze Cream Horseradish (or substitute with Inglehoffer Stone Ground Mustard)


Slice the baguette lengthwise in half.

Bring the bouillon or stock to a boil and immerse the sliced beef, return to a boil and remove from heat.

Put the sliced beef evenly on the baguette with a bit of the stock.

Spread the Cream Horseradish on the top half of the baguette.

Close the halves together and wrap with foil or plastic wrap.

At the tailgate, unwrap and slice the sandwich into 2-inch long servings.




Asian Style Chicken with Sriracha Mustard

 Purchase your favorite precooked chicken pieces (fried or roasted) from a grocery deli, Popeye’s, or KFC.   sriracha-mustard

Inglehoffer Sriracha Mustard for coating.

Your favorite Soy Sauce.

At the tailgate, in a stainless steel bowl, combine 2 Tbs. Soy Sauce with 1 squeeze bottle of Sriracha Mustard.

Coat the Chicken with the soy Sriracha mixture.




Smoked Salmon Crackers with Applewood Smoked Bacon Mustard

 1 lb. hard smoked Salmon

1 package of English Style Table Wafers

1 squeeze bottle Inglehoffer Applewood Smoked Bacon Mustard


At the tailgate, break the salmon into small chunks and gently combine with 4 oz. Bacon Mustard.

Spread the mixture on the Table Wafers.





About Beaverton Foods:

In 1929 Rose Biggi started Beaverton Foods in the cellar of her farmhouse. To help endure the Great Depression, she began grinding her horseradish crop, bottling it, and selling it to local grocery stores. Through her hard work and perseverance, she not only survived the hard economic times, but also built the foundation for the largest specialty condiment manufacturer in the United States.

Over eighty years and four generations later, Gene, her son, continues the hard work and perseverance. Beaverton Foods has an international reputation for manufacturing quality products and the development of innovative condiment flavors. In the past decade, Gene’s mustard’s have received over one hundred certificates of excellence and awards for quality. More than all other mustard manufactures combined. Many chefs, including James Beard, have acclaimed Gene and his products. Our private label and co-pack customers regularly receive similar recognition for condiments Beaverton Foods develops and manufactures for them.

The summer of 2001 marked a new chapter in the history of the company when it moved into its new manufacturing, warehouse, and corporate office facility. It is the goal of the Biggi family and company associates to build on the commitment to manufacture superior, innovative, and safe products. We believe this new facility will allow us to grow and enhance our reputation for manufacturing the worlds finest gourmet condiments.

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