FoodFaves App For Restaurants – Invite

Welcome to the pre-launch of the best social app for showcasing images of a restaurant’s most crave-worthy appetizers, entrees, and desserts to potential patrons who live in, work in or visit the restaurant’s geographical area.

FoodFaves (on the app store now – is a free mobile app that allows restaurants to pull in potential customers by posting their very best “food porn.”  Users see delectable dishes in the app’s image “Feed” (pun intended ) and read the descriptions. Once they’re salivating, they’ll see the restaurant’s information with one click, including a map that directs them right to the restaurant’s front door. How’s that for delivery?


Think Instagram meets GrubHub, but with a twist. How the app works, for restaurants, step by step:

1         Jane is hard at work. She’s getting hungry for lunch, but she can’t put her finger on what she is craving.


2         Jane opens the FoodFaves app on her phone and takes the app’s Crave Quiz – it shows her a bunch of food pics uploaded by restaurants in her area (possibly yours!). As she swipes left or right to indicate which food pics she likes, the app’s algorithm recommends nearby eateries to fulfill her craving…


3         Jane bypasses the Crave Quiz and searches hashtags and accounts she follows (think Instagram) to start looking at yummy pics. Jane comes across a picture of your amazing dish and the picture has her hooked! She clicks on the picture, which lets her know that your restaurant is only 2 miles away. Perfect! She shows up for lunch and orders what she saw in the picture.

Social food influencers will also drive business with the FoodFaves app. In addition to restaurants, foodies have profiles too, and they love to post pictures and descriptions of their “FoodFaves,” along with a restaurant’s info.  Jane posts the delicious lunch she had at a restaurant on her FoodFaves profile with the restaurant’s name and location/map info. Now Jane’s friends become potential customers too.


Your audience can now download FoodFaves to their iPhones on the app store –, create a restaurant’s profile (or a chef profile) and start posting their most crave-worthy culinary creations, complete with hashtags and restaurant/business information. This will lead patrons right to their front door!


OMG! These #nachos R everything! Just 7 miles away? I’m so there!!

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