Remember Life’s Delicious Moments with Yummi

A simple yet powerful way to log your food adventure


A new kid on the block. One app to do it all when it comes to all things food. That’s the new Yummi app. On first impression, it may seem like a social network just for food. That, it definitely is not. It is first and foremost a utility tool that also has a social component to enable more seamless communication and sharing on the subject of food within a trusted circle.

Yummi primarily helps to address the following nagging problems:

Do you ever?

• Run out of phone spaces because of all those food photos

• Rack your brain trying to remember a certain place or that particular dish you had before

• Get asked often from friends about restaurant suggestions but get stuck on what to recommend

• Want to track daily intakes but find those calorie tracking apps too cumbersome to use


Yummi can help with all that and more. We all take lots of food photos and sure some of us may post them on popular social platforms but that only represents a small percentage of total pics we snap up. And what about the rest of us that don’t post them online? We leave them sitting idle and piling up in our phones,  or we  delete them.


Combining the best of Instagram, Facebook, Yelp and even a bit of Tinder, Yummi helps users retrieve your food memories with ease and enables discovery of food from friends when most desired. You can locate foodprints from trusted sources, instead of strangers .


Yummi helps bring your food memories  to life. Discover the key features of how this app can help improve your food tracking and sharing experiences:


  • Food logging: Yummi makes it simple to track everything you eat, drink, cook, buy or blog all in one place by storing these food images in an organized manner.  Don’t let them clog up your phone space any longer. Upload them all onto Yummi and you can selectively share worthy photos  to Facebook or Instagram without worrying about spamming your friend’s feed.


  • Recall Food Memory: No more struggling to remember past meals. And gone are the days of scrolling through endless photo albums or social feeds to find that one golden photo. Store them all within a single food memory log using Yummi and retrieve them with one click: anytime, anywhere.


  • Trusted Recommendations: Finding it such a chore everyday thinking about where and what to eat? With Yummi, you’ll have a treasure trove of inspiration from following trusted friends or popular foodies in the know! Find their foodprints with just one click NearMe to show what’s in your area.

How does Yummi make all of this work?  Check out the unique features:

  • Every foodprint’s timestamp is backdated and not the creation time.

  • Foodprints are organized by chronological order and display in an intuitive calendar mode

  • Foodprints are tagged to a location and catalogued to cuisines, making them searchable and sortable

  • Recalling foodprints by sorting nearest to you using NearMe function

  • Want to keep it to just yourself? Control individual foodprint visibility by toggling to private mode

  • Able to bookmark favorite images and places to recall later

  • Search any foodprint by place, cuisine, or hashtag

  • Share your opinion on a particular dish with fun expressive stickers


Yummi is the perfect food app that all food lovers have been hungering for. Whether you’re an expert foodie or new to the noshing scene, download Yummi and get started on logging your journey with ease.


Searching for a space to store all those drool-worthy photos? Visit for more information.

Yummi is available for download in both the App Store and Google Play.

About Yummi:


Yummi is an online mobile application that enable its users to store food pictures, create a food memory log, link their contents to a specific location, and socially engage in either to share the images publicly or to keep privately of contents focusing solely on food or food-related activities.  Users are also able to get ideas and suggestions of places to dine through social feed or from recommendations of nearby places through a push experience format that showcase images of actual food dish publicly shared by the user community.


Yummi was founded by a former Google executive who has a wealth of digital marketing experiences with eBay, Dell, WPP, and Publicis while working in China.


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