Welle Transforms Any Surface into a Smart Interface – Hits Kickstarter Goal in First Day

Welle (pronounced vell-uh), a smart device that instantly turns any surface into a smart interface using Sonar Technology through hand gestures, announced today that it surpassed its Kickstarter goal in the first day at: http://sable.madmimi.com/c/71191?id=1711460.5526.1.2d64d502c9f9a22b6bb5ea2206536477 Welle http://sable.madmimi.com/c/71191?id=1711460.5527.1.96b3677a7be02faacd48032d6e6dcc50 gives you the ability to use unlimited simple gestures to control your favorite devices, appliances, and apps – so powerful it even tracks your finger movements and recognizes handwriting. With Welle, the entire surface becomes connected to Sonar, allowing you to use hand gestures to control all your smart devices, such as lights, TVs, speakers, doors, thermostats, cameras, curtain/blinds, fans; and even PowerPoint presentations, apps, and IFTTT (If this, then that) conditional task applets, and more.

Uses Most Advanced Sonar-based Gesture Control to Connect to All Kinds of IoT Devices & Appliances – Mounts on Wall

Welle works in the home, office, or anywhere with a Bluetooth connection. Simply place the tiny Welle on any convenient surface or location, or mount Welle on a wall with the included 3M stickers. Working as a universal remote for all kinds of IoT devices and appliances, Welle uses the most advanced Sonar-based gesture control, replacing the multiple traditional household remote controls for a convenient and enjoyable connected home and office experience. Welle recognizes standardized gestures and also lets you assign your own gestures or handwriting short-cuts to interact with devices everywhere in your life.

Creates Custom Gestures, Tracking, & Even Recognizes Handwriting

Welle means “wave” in German and Welle’s logo shows two fingers tracking human gestures with ultrasonic waves. Welle uses Sonar Technology, advanced ultrasonic signals used in the military, automotive and drone markets, that can accurately track human movements. Welle’s Sonar Technology transmits signal pulses and collects the reflected energy back from targets, identifying motions, gestures, and finger movements from the echoed signals. These echoes are translated into different instructions and words to IoT devices using an advanced hardware design and software algorithms. The Welle Sonar Technology tracks your fingers when you touch a surface and can even recognize handwriting motions, transforming them into customized actions. Conventional gesture detectors, such as those used in smartphones, only provide single gesture readings. In contrast, Welle provides rich information, such as trajectory data and digitized gestures, enabling a wide variety of control functions for everyday convenience.

Welle Controls Any Device, Anywhere Instantly:
•       Thermostats
•       Coffee makers
•       Lights
•       Windows shades/curtains
•       TVs
•       Doors
•       Speakers
•       Locks
•       Humidifiers
•       Fans/air conditioners
•       Outlets
•       Garage doors
•       Robot arms
•       PowerPoint presentations
•       Creates custom gestures
•       Assigns short-cuts throughout handwriting recognition or gestures (i.e. “C” for “make coffee”)
•       Changes volume and tracks when listening to music
•       Connects with IFTTT
•       Tiny size, weighing just 3.5 ounces, with measurements of 2.97” x 1.38” x 0.64”

Open API Now Available for Software & Hardware Developers

Welle provides an open API (Application Programming Interface) for software and hardware developers to redefine gestures, creating infinite possibilities for controlling devices and apps. Welle features a well-designed API, readable documents, example codes, and a developer community with full support. For moreinformation on the Welle API, see: http://sable.madmimi.com/c/71191?id=1711460.5528.1.3caffa617a2f8152e11c1d438c425b82 or email: support@maxustech.com.

Tiny, Small Enough to Bring on the Road to Meetings, Hotels, & Coffee Shops –
Pricing & Availability

Welle is tiny, smaller than a smartphone at less than 3 inches long, weighing just 3.5 ounces, lightweight and small enough to bring on the road to meetings, hotels, coffee shops, and anywhere else you go. Easy to install in just a few minutes with Welle’s app for Android and iOS users, users can setup Bluetooth connections between Welle and the target devices quickly by following the steps on the Welle app. Available October 2017, Welle will be priced at $99, with early-bird Kickstarter pricing of $59 for a limited time. For more information, see Kickstarter: http://sable.madmimi.com/c/71191?id=1711460.5529.1.d7928a12f73c6f2a41c4f395b89f4b00  or http://sable.madmimi.com/c/71191?id=1711460.5530.1.c75279f6421bee8650aecaccf5dcbabf

About MaxusTech – Making Machines Sense the World

Welle was created by a highly advanced team of scientists, visionaries, mathematicians, physicists, and electrical engineers at MagnusTech. Established in 2014, MaxusTech created Welle when they realized the limitations of current control methods and limited interactive surface on devices, which undermines the user experience. Based in Shenzhen, China, MaxusTech provides human-computer interaction technologies and novel HCI solutions to their business partners. Their goal is to make tools that address human needs by amplifying human capabilities to “Make machines sense the world.” MaxusTech is funded by top tier venture capital firms. For more information, see http://sable.madmimi.com/c/71191?id=1711460.5531.1.3fe38b2bbf5389a18857a48332e2ea21 http://sable.madmimi.com/c/71191?id=1711460.5532.1.d34c734db9fc87531ce46e9acfcb2e38 email: support@maxustech.com.

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