presents: America the Strange

Random people, real food, strange places.

Click for video! isn’t your typical cooking site and this project promises to be anything but orthodox. The goal of this tour/documentary is to show the beauty and diversity of this country, giving strangers the chance to interact with each other and find common ground over a great meal.

For nearly five years, has been providing its readers with one of kind content that both educates and entertains. This summer, with your support, we will be taking this show on the road with a project that is part Pop Up tour and part documentary.

We will be traveling across the country doing a series of events with some world class Chefs at a variety of strange locations. At each event we will be inviting a diverse group of people from the community and giving them a chance to get to know each other.  The goal is to show that while this country is filled with diversity, at the end of the day we can all find common ground.

This promises to be unlike any other series put together.

Along with this, we will also be doing a second seating in certain locations for the public and as a supporter, you will have the first chance to get tickets.

What We Need & What You Get

Most documentaries cost at least $50,000 and we’re only trying to raise half of that.

Not only do we need funding, we are also in search of interesting people to be guests for these events so if you know of anyone, please have them contact us.

The perks you get vary depending on how much you donate but you’ll at least get a personal “Thank you” postcard from me from the road. You can also get access to B reel footage during the tour, the first shot at tickets to one of the public events or even get me to cook a private dinner for you and 5 guests anywhere in the US.

The Impact this project will have

For as much as things like social media has brought us together, it’s also lead to us being isolated from the real world around us. It’s easy to put on your headphones and get lost in your own reality while ignoring the world in front of you. We’re disconnected as a community and while we have a thousand friends online, most of us don’t know the people next door.

The goal of this tour is to set up one of a kind, invitation only dinners where the guests have a chance to put down their guard and get to know each other over a shared meal. I want to show that diversity is a beautiful thing that should be celebrated but that when it comes right down to it, we have more in common than we think.

Risks & Challenges

Anyone who’s ever gone cross country knows that there are always things that come up unexpectedly. The good news is that I’ve traveled extensively and worked as a Chef for nearly two decades. I know how to handle the bumps in the road that will occur with a sense of humor. I’ve built a solid team that will be helping me with the logistics through the entire process, people who I have known and worked with and who have proven to be both creative and committed.

The good news for you is that no matter what happens, you will still get your perks.

Other Ways You Can Help

Obviously not everyone will be able to donate but you can still help by just liking and sharing the Facebook page and letting others know about what we’re trying to do. The other way you can help is by cooking and inviting your neighbor over for dinner or baking a cake for the new person down the hall. The end goal of this is to bring people together and if I’ve inspired you to do that than mission accomplished.

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