The Infusion of a Modern Day Prohibition featuring Chef Leighton Knowles

While the times, they are a changin’, one may not have expected to see the changes happening in the world of cannabis. As many states are re-evaluating their stance on marijuana legalization, for both medicinal and recreation, the debate has never been more controversial. A quick Google search of “cannabis controversy 2017” will yield you dozens of stories where cannabis (hemp) has been infused in yoga, clothing, medical break-throughs, the world of wine, and most interestingly—food.

The food and beverage industry is a flutter with the idea of cooking with cannabis. In fact, one NYC chef decided to launch a fully infused spread this past April 20th (aka 420, for those in the know). Chef Leighton Knowles, of Glendale, New York, partnered with MileHigh PMP Cannaconsulting, Crucial Biology, and Bullseye Farms to serve up a complete dining experience at The Keep in Ridgewood. It was regarded as the “first ever legal CBD dinner in NYC”. The Prohibition 420 Secret Dinner, prepared for over 50 people, was a perfect execution of a truly unique meal that also happened to be infused with cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabidoil is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. Essentially, this means that the ”high” normally thought to accompany cannabis, is non-existent. This opens the door for many to give it a chance. The negative stigma, that has long been attached, is diminishing, albeit a slower pace than expected. With so many medicinal purposes, cannabis has aided in relief of pain, seizures, anxieties, and much more.

Chef Leighton Knowles with Mathew Kipp

Yet, that nasty stigma stops many from giving it a chance. In fact, recently I was at my doctors office, where I am treated for neck and back problems. I receive an IV Push (also known as the Pink Cocktail) once a month to help alleviate my muscle spasms. This concoction is made up of various vitamins such as B12, Magnesium, Lidocaine, Calcium, and Vitamin C. It’s a bit of a process, as the cocktail must be injected slowly, over a matter of many minutes. While getting my injection, I sat next to an older woman, also receiving her injection. She had shared her grueling story of pain. I asked if she had looked in medicinal marijuana as an alternative to the pharmaceuticals that are so quickly doled out. She curled her nose, and told me that she does not smoke. I couldn’t help but give a giggle, while telling her she didn’t have to smoke to ingest. I explained she could eat, as an alternative. To which, she gave me a puzzled look that asked for more details. I told her they infuse cookies, and candies, and even cheesecake. In total shock, she exclaimed, “In cheesecake?! Oh my, I think I should get more information!” It was then, that it became evident how many people still do not know enough, if anything, about MMJ and its positive effects. This really disappoints me. It truly amazes me that people will swallow handfuls of pills, as prescribed by their doctors, without any concern for what is going into their bodies, and what is happening because of those chemicals. Yet, here is a completely natural plant that can effectively treat their ailments, with relatively ZERO negative effects to their bodies. There are those people that simply cannot use cannabis, due to allergies, and the like. Nonetheless, there are far more people missing out on treating their bodies better. We need to work harder in educating people. Chef Knowles, and the team, are doing just that, while offering you a one-of-a-kind experience in food and drink.

Chef Knowles tenderly cares for the plants.

The April 20th dinner was a stab at an idea that everyone knew would be a success, though possibly just a matter of timing. That stab in the dark couldn’t have been more perfectly executed. The evening went flawlessly. Diners were blown away that their food was anything but the expected ingredients. As the courses carried on, patrons were becoming more relaxed and comfy in their seats. The infusion of cannabidoil is nearly undetectable. It is just another ingredient to the dish. There were three courses; were each prepared with 250mg of CBD. First course, called “Spring into Summer”, was a salad made of mixed greens, bacon lardons, bleu cheese, citrus flavors, and a fruity dressing.

Course 1: Spring into Summer salads

The main course, “Mother Clucking Chicken” was sliced chicken breast topped with an apricot ginger salsa and new potatoes. Rounding out the night, dessert was served. “Holy Choc” was a wonderfully rich mousse. The night went off without a hitch! It went so well that, seemingly overnight, Chef Knowles et al awoke to a barrage of correspondence from local news stations as well as national news. The crew was blown away. While they knew this was an amazing idea, they really had no plans for the world to be on board as quickly as they were. “The concept of using cannabidoils in cooking has always been something I wanted to do, as I was already baking edibles for myself. Though, I wanted to do more, to be more. Collaborating with the wonderful people at MileHigh PMP, we decided this was something we could absolutely do, in an effort to educate and inspire,” says Chef Knowles. This excitement and interest has since helped to develop a national tour for the dining experience. Mathew Kipp, Director of MileHigh PMP explains, “Our whole objective is to educate people about cannabis, through the love of fine food. By infusing food with cannabidiol, or CBD, we demonstrate a legal way to obtain the effects that cannabis sativa L can have, and it’s a great way to promote whole body wellness.”

Chef Knowles plating

There is already another dinner in the works in Rhode Island. While this will not be creations of Chef Knowles, it was his input and encouragement that pushed the idea forward. He is talking with as many professionals in the industry as he can, in hopes of bringing more on board. Discussions for events have begun for Texas, New Hampshire, DC, Maryland, Minnesota, and Las Vegas. Shockingly, those discussions began within 24 hours of the Prohibition 420 Secret Dinner! Things are taking off for this family, as they refer to themselves. “Every single one of us is critical in making a successful experience for all,” says Knowles, “With the loss of any one person, we would not be able to execute. We each have a responsibility, and we know our roles. We are a family. We are for life.”

It’s still pretty new for the team, so we will have to check back for updates on the tour and ticket sales. In the meantime, if you are interested in more information, you can reach out to Chef Leighton Knowles, Mathew Kipp, Megan Tomes– owner Crucial Biology Dot Com, or Jeff Gauthier– owner of Bullseye Farms.

Mathew Kipp, Chef Leighton Knowles, Megan Tomes, and Jeff Gauthier toast to a wonderful evening with their guests. (from right to left)



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~ The TEAM ~

Leighton- Well what can I say, TV Chef and Cocky Brit with an american flair for dreaming Bigger. You know him as a Chef and running his kitchen like a well oiled vape pen, but it is his wife Beth runs the Kitchen at home will making food for their Daughter Nova or making Leighton go to an actual Bed to sleep after a long night working in several NYC kitchens to make ends meet Leighton is always Family First! Sometimes even having his inner diva come out to ensure he is heard.

Megan Tomes- Well she is not only my partner in Business but at home too, she has a daughter Kylee who at times can be a job all by herself but is also becoming educated to the benefits CBD can have. With a constant struggle to make sure she is heard in business, megan has developed into “A Woman to Watch” in the Industry with her connections into the Hemp markets and ability to obtain purest CBD Isolate at remarkable price she has proven she is ready to dominate more markets. She is also a very valued member of The Prohibition Dinners Team holding us center and focused, even when things have fallen apart all this while growing her legacy for her daughter Kylee.

Jeffrey Gauthier- 14 years in the Cannabis and CBD industry as one of the leading sales reps, growers, extraction expert creator of BullseyeFarms Stain Cards and best person on your side to find a distribution network that is within budget. Father of two children Dade and Alexa, Jeff obtained full Custody and knew he had to have more then what he was doing. Jump forward and we are here at Modern Prohibition and Jeff joined the Cause, it is time to educate and with the Strain Cards Jeff Created we are able to do that and more. Because Jeff met Mathew Kipp because of that very product and how the nation needed to see his dream to educate those around him, providing the best products along the way. So now Meg and Jeff have Teamed up to be the Biggest CBD Distributor in the Country and then the world.

Mathew Kipp/ everyone calls me the Voice, but I am a Father of two amazing little girls. An amazing Ex-wife Kristy who without her support as well as my mother Kathleen Eldridge I wouldn’t be able to know my two daughters Kayla And Meghan are taken care of so I can make sure that not only everyone’s dream of  leaving a legacy for their children come true, but as I see it I can enjoy showing my daughters what Dad has helped create for so many others and in turn Created a Bigger legacy then any one of us has ever imagined.

So with all of those assets that is when it made sense to Mathew  and Leighton and that started the Discussion to start the 420 Secret Prohibition dinner with the Team ( The Secret is CBD the legal Non-Psychoactive compound found in Hemp and Cannabis,) and Mat instantly agreed it needs to be NYC, due to its size and motto “If you can make it there..well here we are at anywhere taking 420 Prohibition on the Road”. The Team Consists of more then just Leighton, Mat, Meg & Jeff…we also have support from some amazing people who will be with us from time to time, and assisted in the dinner events.


Story by Barb Stanley

Images provided by MileHigh PMP and Chef Leighton Knowles.

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