Revived, Rejuvenated and Reborn – Cascio’s Chateau (by TTOT)

In the words of Mama Josephine Cascio, “like something out of my dreams”, the legacy continues with Joe and Renee Cascio’s gem “Cascio’s Chateau” situated in the hauntingly decadent building owned by N. Edward Hakim and Joseph Hakim located at 2001 Louisville Avenue, Monroe, Louisiana.

Cascio’s Chateau opened in February of 2017, as Joe and Renee dove head first into the dream that Joe himself shared with his late father, Victor Cascio. Recalling their decision, “It was scary… and we (Renee and I) were scared to death”.  But even as a young man, Joe shared back in 1985 that he knew what the restaurant business “meant to this family” and he expressed his desires, even then,” to enhance and expand upon the good thing” the Chateau was; and, he has done so successfully with the divine artistry of two of this area’s crafted culinary genius’, General Manager Marco Tumminello with Head Chef Derek Tony at the helm of the kitchen.

New Orleans Native, Marco Tumminello began realizing his culinary abilities when he took 2nd place at a gumbo cookoff in New Orleans about 17 years ago.  Beginning his career at the Dockside in Harahan, Louisiana, Marco spent years learning and cultivating his name in the food service/restaurant industry before making Cascio’s Chateau his home.

Tumminello made the perfect pairing with Joe and his kitchen crew upholding Joe’s desire to provide their customers with the freshest product, vibrant dishes, as well as palatably pleasing plates to even the most refined connoisseurs.

Cascio’s newest venture is a culmination of his family legacy coupled with the revamping of a dream he and his family had long pursued in the North Louisiana area.  “It just made sense for Rene’ and I to open in the old Brandy House location,” Cascio states with passion.  “This (the new location) had such class and poise to offer our diners with the flare that they’ve come to expect from the Cascio family,… and with the addition of the ice bar, we (my family and I) felt like this was our chance to really give the wonderful people of North Louisiana a beautiful place to dine, as well as being able to offer them a memorable dining experience.”

The Cascio family has been a part of the North Louisiana region for decades, wowing patrons with their home-like hospitality, while providing each diner with homespun recipes from the heart. Casco’s prides itself on offering fresh, never frozen, speckled trout and salmon, Argentine reds, Texas farm raised quails (which are featured in their bacon wrapped dish with blackberry compote), as well as a beautiful assortment of steaks.

In addition to several new items on the menu, you will find Cascio classics such as “The Artichoke Desiard”, Cascio’s famous “Snapper Tony” – fried or pan seared and topped with fresh lump crab meat and paired with an exquisite butter sauce, and many more of the classic flavors we’ve all grown up with thanks to the Cascio family.

Located conveniently on Louisiville Avenue in the heart of Monroe, Cascsio’s Chateau stands as a legacy promising that your dining experience at Cascio’s Chateau will most certainly be one that Mama Josephine herself would be proud of.

Special thank you to the Cascio family for opening their kitchen to the readers of Culination Magazine.


Story by Tara Ambrose of Tara’s Taste of the Town

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