Up Mountain Switchel Announces the Launch of the Original Swizzle for Summer 2017

Award-winning brand releases carbonated Switchel (the original drinking vinegar) rooted in heritage just in time for summer thirst-quenching, festivals and fun.

According to the Hartman Group’s Culture of Food 2015, “uses real spices and herbs” is now the fourth most important factor in defining high quality foods/beverages, following “better ingredients,” “better taste” and “100% natural.”[1] In a major confluence of health trends, Up Mountain Switchel’s new Original Swizzle nails a variety consumer demands on the head with the beverage of the summer (and beyond).

Up Mountain Switchel has taken their award-winning original switchel recipe and carbonated it to create the perfect summer beverage: the Original Swizzle. Boasting only 4 pure, organic ingredients: Water, Organic 100% Grade A Maple Syrup, Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Fresh Ginger Root and no added preservatives, the Original Swizzle is a true farm-to-bottle heritage beverage. As a heritage name for switchel, “Swizzle” further upholds the company’s roots and celebrates its history as the original American Heritage Beverage.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce the first ever carbonated switchel as we continue to reinvigorate this heritage beverage that has been part of Vermont life for generations,” said Ely Key, co-founder of Up Mountain Switchel. He jokingly added, “No, Snoop Dog wasn’t a consultant on this project. Swizzle is actually what the Vermont field workers called it in the 1700’s. Swizzle’s dynamic flavor experience delights the senses while providing a health-infused carbonated beverage, rooted in heritage.”

Created by farmers in the 1700s to promote vitality and sourced to deliver real benefits through simple, organic ingredients, apple cider vinegar-based switchel has made a dynamic comeback in the emerging drinking vinegars functional beverage category, pioneered by Up Mountain Switchel. Not only delicious, Up Mountain Switchel’s unique ingredients also harness the healing powers of organic raw apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger root and organic Vermont maple syrup delighting even the most discerning health-conscious consumer. Up Mountain Switchel’s delightfully carbonated Original Swizzle combines the heritage and health benefits of Up Mountain Switchel’s original blend, which has been called “tart, effervescent and not overly sweet” by The Guardian and brings to it a light refreshing carbonation.

Up Mountain Switchel’s Original Swizzle will be available in the natural and food service channels through UNFI, KeHE, Dora’s Naturals, Associated Buyers, Vermont Roots, Bounty Bev, Flood Independent Distribution and Gourmet Merchants International starting Memorial Day 2017. The new Original Swizzle is packaged in 12oz. recyclable glass bottles, aluminum cans and also in kegs. Up Mountain Swizzle (like all Up Mountain Switchel products) is naturally shelf stable without preservatives. Suggested retail for the Original Swizzle is $3.99 per 12oz unit.


About Up Mountain Switchel

Up Mountain Switchel is an independent, owner-operated, friends and family Vermont company dedicated to recreating the 18th century heritage vitality drink switchel with the freshest, purest, most functional ingredients. Each bottle of Up Mountain Switchel contains only four simple ingredients: local organic maple syrup, local organic apple cider vinegar, organic fresh ginger root, and Berkshire mountain water and is produced within a non-GMO, Organic, and Vegan supply chain.


For more information about Up Mountain Switchel, please visit www.drinkswitchel.com. For media inquiries, requests for product samples and high res images please contact Margaret Marchuk at mmarchuk@christieand.co or at 805-969-3744.


Join the Up Mountain Switchel community on Instagram (@upmountainswitchel), Facebook and Twitter (@drinkswitchel).

[1] Source: Culture of Food 2015 – Digital Food Life 2014. The Hartman Group, Inc. http://www.hartman-group.com/acumenPdfs/food-culture-infographic-2016-03-03.pdf

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