The Taste of the Town with Tara Ambrose

As a self-professed foodie and cuisine connoisseur, Tara Ambrose relishes the opportunity to praise local eateries for their culinary creations, which add true flavor to areas. From those establishments that offer a more elegant dining experience to those that allow us to just roll up our sleeves and dig in, areas wouldn’t be complete without them!

She rates each establishment based on five standards – 1. The cleanliness of the establishment; 2. The wait staff (are they knowledgeable of their menus, friendly, prompt, etc.); 3. The food taste, presentation, freshness, recipe perfection, plating and appeal; 4. The overall appeal of the establishment – whether it’s charming, quaint, laid back, casual, elegant dining, or just roll up your sleeves; 5. The cost of the meal – whether the meal was priced high, moderate, or if it’s a place that anyone on any budget could enjoy.

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So if you enjoy wonderful culinary delights, she will be happy to recommend her favorite spots!


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