With portability a high priority at breakfast for working customers, morning foods layered into a sandwich have become a leading contender for most popular grab-and-go meals. When Fresh California Avocados come into season, chefs are quick to add a layer of them to the build, capitalizing on the smooth texture and creamy taste that complements eggs, bacon, toast, biscuits and other breakfast foods.

As morning menu creativity has skyrocketed, so has the appetite appeal of breakfast sandwiches featuring Fresh California Avocado. Green Eggs and Sam with California Avocado elevates the genre by piling scrambled eggs with kale, lox and sliced Fresh California Avocado on a biscuit, then gilding it with hollandaise. Simpler, but hard to resist hot off the press, a Grilled Ham, California Avocado and Gouda Panini makes a perfect meal on the run. And, while California Avocado Toast has achieved near menu ubiquity, there’s no doubt it remains a top seasonal breakfast pick for fresh avocado fans.

To find more ideas for a variety of breakfast sandwiches featuring Fresh California Avocado, visit Browse the California Avocado Commission recipe database for menu solutions, and check out these helpful resources for Fresh California Avocado best practices and usage tips: nutrition, selection, storage and handling information.


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