Dannon Foodservice Offers Chefs a Profitable Way to Give Diners a Protein-Packed Ingredient


According to Datassential research, 56% of consumers want more protein.[1] Operators can attract these patrons with Dannon® Oikos® Greek Nonfat Yogurt, which contains twice as much protein as most regular yogurt. As consumers are willing to pay 34% more for menu items made with Greek yogurt versus regular,[2] going Greek also brings profit potential.

Dannon Oikos Greek Nonfat Yogurt is designed to have a mild flavor and creamy texture so it tastes great on its own and as an ingredient in hot, cold, savory and sweet dishes. Dannon Foodservice offers the Plain and Vanilla flavors in 32 oz. plastic tubs and 6 lbs. bags to give operators bulk options.

Chefs can adapt traditional fare by using Dannon Oikos Plain Greek Nonfat Yogurt as an ingredient substitute to reduce calories and fat while including protein when replacing sour cream, cream cheese, mayonnaise, heavy cream and oils, to add appeal across the menu—in salads, dips, dressings, sauces and more. Using flavor variations in these classic offerings creates a unique twist for further differentiation, as suggested in the following recipe inspirations.

Recipe idea Make it better

with Dannon® Oikos® Greek Nonfat Yogurt

Make it your own

with these flavor inspirations

CHICKEN SALAD 40% fewer calories

83% less fat

than traditional chicken salad[3]

Apple and toasted almond
Pineapple and pecan
Cranberry and pepita
Curry and red grape
HUMMUS 31% fewer calories

55% less fat

than traditional hummus[4]

Avocado lime
Roasted jalapeño honey
Harissa mango
Everything bagel spiced
HEARTY GRAIN SALAD 32% fewer calories

54% less fat

than traditional hearty grain salad[5]

Roasted balsamic vegetable
Pesto and heirloom tomatoes
Sesame miso
Moroccan style chickpea
Harvest grain salad (sweet potato, apple, cranberries and pecans)
AIOLI 70% fewer calories

73% less fat

than traditional aioli[6]

Roasted garlic



Mike Miles, Vice President of Sales of Dannon Foodservice, said, “We want to offer products that have the nutritional benefits and great taste consumers are looking for and are versatile enough that chefs can use them to fuel culinary inspiration throughout their menu. Greek yogurt is growing in popularity among consumers, and it’s a profitable opportunity for operators to incorporate a different, protein-rich ingredient into existing offerings or feature it in new, on-trend dishes.”


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About Dannon Foodservice:

Dannon was founded 75 years ago on yogurt’s ability to improve lives. Headquartered in White Plains, NY, Dannon Foodservice continues to uphold the deeply engrained belief that food can do a world of good. As a health & wellness partner, Dannon knows yogurt has the power to deliciously provide many of the nutrients consumers need. Its portfolio of America’s best-loved brands includes Dannon, Oikos®, Light & Fit®, Activia® and Danimals® to help chefs and operators meet trends today and innovate for the future. Dannon Foodservice inspires goodness through menu creativity, a commitment to sustainability and better-for-you snacking options. For more information,


[1]Datassential New Healthy MenuTrends, 2016.

[2]Technomic MenuMonitor Database, Q1 2016.

[3]Traditional chicken salad recipe of 4 oz. serving contains 0.35 oz. mayonnaise, 0.35 oz. sour cream, and 0.35 oz. half and half per serving. Oikos chicken salad recipe of 4 oz. serving contains 0.94 oz. Oikos Plain per serving.

[4]Traditional hummus recipe of 4 oz. serving contains 0.41 oz. extra virgin olive oil per serving. Oikos hummus recipe of 4 oz. serving contains 0.41 oz. Oikos Plain per serving.

[5]Traditional hearty grain salad recipe of 4 oz. serving contains 0.67 oz. mayonnaise per serving. Oikos hearty grain salad recipe of 4 oz. serving contains 0.67 oz. Oikos Plain per serving.

[6]Traditional aioli recipe of 0.5 oz. serving contains 1.74g egg yolks and 0.39 oz. canola oil per serving. Oikos aioli recipe of 0.5 oz. serving contains 0.4 oz. Oikos Plain and 0.1 oz. canola oil per serving.


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