Curious Recipes: Why VIX Is a Favorite Among Foodie Millennials

Millennials have developed a taste for VIX’s video recipes. The publisher that now reaches 64% of all millennials on Facebook in the U.S. and it has seen its social reach steadily increase, in part thanks to its food social franchise VIX Yum.


VIX Yum largely offers users social food videos with curious recipes like Tapioca Coconut Ice Cream Cake and Creamy Chicken Pie, and twists on classic dishes such as No-Bake Brownie Cheesecake and Cheesy Potato Rice Balls.


Recipes that recreate snacks millennials grew up with—McDonald’s French Fries and Snickers Crispy Treats—or use these snacks as main ingredient—Oreo Nutella Empanada and Fried Cheesy Doritos—are also some of the most popular among VIX’s fans.


Tapping into its positively curious brand positioning, VIX Yum engages foodie millennials with delicious creations displaying eye-catching presentation, ranging from Chocolate Flower Pot Cake to Mini Sushi Donuts.



In the last year, VIX set out to increase its social fanbase via video. The publisher invested in growing video production capabilities, building out new studios, hiring additional video creators, introducing new video formats, and expanding distribution.


VIX now produces over 500 videos per month, with VIX Yum videos receiving 17.8 million views according to Tubular. In total, VIX received 1.47 billion video views in June, placing #21 in the Tubular global media & entertainment ranking.



Leveraging VIX’s popularity among millennials, brands including Land O’Lakes, Daisy Sour Cream, Marinela, and Cheerios have partnered with VIX to develop and distribute branded content targeting the 18-34 segment on social platforms.

Examples of VIX YUM videos:

Potato Au Gratin

Multicolored Sponge Cake Pudding

S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

Easy Potato Soufflé

Flan in a Can


About VIX

VIX is a social media company that creates positively curious content in order to entertain and add value to the life of millions of millennials every day. VIX publishes content across and a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. With over 69 million social followers, VIX reaches 76 million users on its web property, and hundreds of millions of people globally across social platforms. Currently, VIX delivers over 1.6 billion monthly video views. VIX is headquartered in Miami, with offices in New York, Mexico City, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, and Sao Paulo.

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