Introducing the iCup and iPlate: A Smarter Way to Entertain

The iFork family is growing with the release of the iCup and iPlate interlocking tableware system.


The creators of the iFork line of flatware are making entertaining easier with the launch of the iCup and iPlate.

The new dining system is intelligently designed to securely fit together. The utensils click into place on either side of the plate and the cup slides in underneath,  leaving diners a free hand to eat, wave, or shake hands with others.

“Everyone can relate to the awkwardness of trying to meet and greet with a plate in one hand and a drink in another,” explains CEO Kyle Donovan. “With our new tableware you only need one hand to hold everything, and you don’t have to worry about losing your grip and spilling your drink or tossing your fork on the floor.”

Top 5 reasons to love this innovative, interlocking system:
Versatile — From food festivals and family reunions to boating and dinner parties, this elegant system can be used at any event.
Convenient — Carrying one’s food, drink, and utensils can be done with just one hand. Diners will never forget their fork or where they set their drink.
Sanitary — Thanks to their signature bump, the utensils rise above dirt and grime and never come in contact with the tabletop.
Time-Saving — Instead of making multiple trips to the buffet, diners can carry two plates, two cups, and utensils at one time.
Reusable — Simply wash, dry, and repeat the fun.

The iCup and iPlate are designed to work seamlessly with their line of space saving flatware, which includes the iFork, iSpoon and iKnife.

Currently, all three lines are available in BPA free, recyclable plastic, and the iFork collection is also available in handcrafted stainless steel for an extra touch of luxury.

iFork is the original brand of high quality flatware that’s used both in the home and in fine dining establishments. Kyle Donovan launched the brand to offer beautiful, versatile, and more sanitary solutions for party goers and diners everywhere.

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