Treat Yourself with The Original and Only Premium Edible Cookie Dough

Edoughble is debuting new flavors, packaging and a new website that are as fun and whimsical as their dough is delicious!
Have you ever given into temptation and taken a bite of delicious raw cookie dough? After that glorious moment, did you experience a stomachache followed by instant regret? It’s safe to assume we have all been there…
Thank goodness for Edoughble and Founder Rana Lustyan, “the genius that invented edible cookie dough” (Today Show, 2015). She brings her Le Cordon Bleú training and pastry chef experience at award-winning restaurants such as Spago in Los Angeles and Boulevard in San Francisco to Edoughble every day. Edoughble is on a mission to craft the best cookie dough ever tasted, and better yet make it 100% safe to eat. Each batch is handmade with the finest, all-natural and non-GMO ingredients to give it that amazing real and fresh-from-the-mixing-bowl taste. And to get rid of those pesky stomachache’s Edoughble uniquely makes their dough 100% safe-to-eat, as they use no egg, no raw flour and no chemical leavener. Having served nearly a quarter million cookie dough lovers since launch, and they’re just getting started!
As cookie dough is this year’s breakout dessert sensation, Edoughble is heating up even more than ever this summer with a fresh new look and lots more. The new site reveal includes a fresh batch of seasonal flavors, fun “pint” and “snack-size” (yes, there’s a spoon under the lid) product packaging, and a cool new “unboxing” experience. To top it off Edoughble is an even better value – meaning more dough at a better price. The bright, whimsical and fun new look embodies precisely how Edoughble’s cookie dough makes people feel. It makes you smile, makes you happy and turns even the most serious of us into a kid again – even if just for a delicious moment.
Edoughble’s website relaunch includes the following new and exciting product additions:
  1. Build a Box experience to customize a 2, 4 or 6 pack of cookie dough for you or as the perfect gift, starting at $20
  2. Snack-Size (3.5oz) comes with a spoon under the resealable lid for ultimate convenience and is available exclusively in the new Gimme Five Box, $25
  3. Dig In Box is included free with every order and includes whimsical packaging and your own spoon so the enjoyment can begin the moment the box arrives
  4. 20% More Dough for the same price, as we upgraded our large size “pints”  from 10oz to 12oz 
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