FoodNiche Aims to Help People Save Money On Food, Through Technology

Taking the pain out of discovering great dining experiences…



Technological innovation has gone a long way to change the world we live in and the way we live day by day. From social media changing the way we socialize and communicate to several tools that bring the information we need to our fingertips in a few seconds, we can’t seem to get enough.  The foodtech space is not an exception, an innovative application is changing the way people search for information to create great dining experiences. is a sophisticated web application developed to take the pain out of creating great dining experiences.



Foodniche’s mission is two fold: help people save time and save money while creating great dining experiences. This mission is accomplished by creating an an application where people can connect with trusted contacts, nutrition experts to find reliable food  information. Algorithm on the platform allows food brands to share coupons with users helping them to save money on groceries.   Food brands can engage with existing and potential customers to obtain valuable product/service feedback.  

Developed by a core team of software engineers, the robust and agile platform tackles a crucial need and demand in the food space for such service. Tackling 3 main issues accounting for the obesity problem we face today. FoodNiche makes it convenient for people to discover great dining experiences despite of their busy schedules.  For more information contact

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