Powered by Protein: Vegetarian Traveler Answers Growing Demand for Plant-Based Protein

New Nourishing and Innovative Plant-Based ‘Meal Add-In’ to Showcase at the 2017 Natural Products Expo East

Plant-based protein diets are on the rise with meat-free products identified as a 2017 Top Trend in Prepared Foods[1]. More and more research is showing that a plant-based protein diet is beneficial for both individual health and for the environment. Plant-based protein diets are considered to prevent over 60% of chronic disease related deaths[2] and are alkaline-forming, which help to reduce inflammation, promote healthy bones, and prevent the negative effects of stress.[3] On-the go consumers are getting tired of the sugar-laden protein bars, chalky protein RTD drinks, and yet another Mediterranean yogurt. Finally, a rebel has arrived, taking plant based protein where no protein has gone before- Vegetarian Traveler introduces their new, nourishing plant based protein ‘Meal Add-In’ at 2017 Natural Product Expo East in Baltimore, booth 6427. 









Vegetarian Traveler’s ‘Meal Add-In’ product line includes three shelf-stable Toasted Bean Blends that allow anyone to add 15-17 grams of vegan protein to any meal- anywhere-any time. Available in Tri-Soy Medley, Pepita & Soy-Pea Medley, and Garbanzo & Soy Medley, Vegetarian Traveler’s individual servings can be packed into a purse, carry-on or gym bag to make sure all meals contain that daily needed protein all age groups seek, from moms to millennials to boomers. In a recent independent US consumer survey 54% of the respondents eat extra protein at least every day or every other day. With 326 million Americans today, 54% is 176 million seeking additional protein daily- that’s over 64,240 billion additional protein meals a year. Vegetarian Traveler is here to fill that demand!


Not only vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians, but all demographics are eagerly adopting Vegetarian Traveler as their go-to high protein Meal Add-In, relying on the innovative blends to add protein to salads, soups, cereals, non-dairy and dairy yogurts, cottage cheese, side dishes, entrees, and more. View their ideas here:https://vegetariantraveler.com/meal-add-in-ideas/

“We gave up meat decades ago and have always struggled to find enough plant-based protein to fuel our active, on-the-go lifestyles,” says Vegetarian Traveler CEO Christy Krejci. “Vegetarian Traveler is made for every person who is trying to live a more plant-based inspired lifestyle. We enjoy increased health and vitality while making a positive impact on the planet through our plant-based choices and are Fueled with Compassion and eager to support everyone else to feel the same.”


Food Service New Solution

Vegetarian Traveler now is available to food service to provide chefs, canteens, airports, commissaries, restaurants, and schools the solution their customers want – a new, nourishing and convenient source of additional plant-based protein to add to any meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

About Vegetarian Traveler

Vegetarian Traveler® was created by Christy and Chuck Krejci. The couple has been vegetarians for decades and found, like many others, that eating away from home presented a challenge of getting enough protein for each meal. When attending social events, traveling, on the road, or eating at local restaurants their food choices were severely limited.  The choice was to bring and eat a protein bar, drink a protein shake, or eat some nuts. Not good enough! Today, Vegetarian Traveler® offers single serve, convenient, shelf stable vegan proteins, with simple ingredients as a protein Meal Add-In. You can add 15-17 grams of protein to any meal, anywhere, with Vegetarian Traveler® Toasted Bean Blend.


Vegetarian Traveler is available for purchase on vegetariantraveler.com and amazon.com.


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For more information about Vegetarian Traveler visit www.vegetariantraveler.com.


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