The Newest Superfood- Wine RayZyn Company!

Wine RayZyn is a newly discovered superfood. A hand-harvested wine grape naturally toasted and caramelized, keeping the skin and seeds intact to provide unprecedented amounts of fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants—not to mention, a delicious crunch.

Here’s a few fun facts:

  • A 1.6oz serving of RayZyns gives you 20% of your Daily Value (DV) of fiber and it has more antioxidants than wine.
  • The power of RayZyns is in its seeds, containing the health benefits of wine without the alcohol. Harvested in Napa, California, RayZyns are packed with the same antioxidants that make wine good for you, especially your heart.
  • The good heart nutrients from wine are called epicaticans. Rayzyns have 10X more epicaticans than a glass of red wine.
  • As a cardiologist, Chris Cates has recommended a glass of wine a day to patients for years. This inspired him to develop RayZyns, an editable and alcohol-free alternative with even more nutrients and antioxidants that everyone can enjoy.
  • RayZyns are vegan, Kosher Certified, non-GMO, have no artificial flavors, preservatives and are naturally sweet.
  • The Wine RayZyn Company offers quick & easy recipes for RayZyn lovers to incorporate the product into delicious salads, baked goods, side dishes and more.
  • Products include CabernayZyns (specially dried Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes), MerlayZyns (Merlot wine grapes), ChardonayZyns (Chardonnay wine grapes) and Dark Chocolate Covered CabernayZyn.

For more information, visit them online.

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