caterfox, a New and Sleek Software Application, Is Alleviating Challenges of the Catering Industry

caterfox is a sleek, new application simplifying business operations for caterers by providing software that allows clients to focus on what matters—their cooking and their customers. The catering industry was predicted to exceed a revenue of 8.12 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, and 12.6 million people were employed in food service occupations in May 2015. With all this cheddar comes a lot of grating, and by that we mean the grind of figuring out how to streamline and organize your catering needs. caterfox helps clients thrive by growing clients’ business, providing organization and offering analytics. By dealing with the daily nuances and headaches of running a business, clients can focus on growing their business. As caterfox users, clients receive analytical breakdowns of how their catering services are performing.

“Caterers are busy. Their passion is for the best in client service, memorable food and an unmatched experience for clients,” says Maulik Suthar, co-founder of caterfox. “One area of constant pain is organization, workflow and scheduling. Typically, it’s a spreadsheet, written scribbles, text and phone calls or emails, or a combination thereof to make catering work, but we promise there is a better way.”

While there are a range of options when it comes to software for caterers, caterfox was carefully designed into a simple, easy-to- use application taking away extraneous “ingredients” that users don’t need. The caterfox team knows how busy professionals are in the catering space, which is why the caterfox software is minimal and approachable. Because the application is so streamlined and thoughtful, the caterfox team can also guarantee catering staff members will learn and comprehend the dashboard without needing to attend long training sessions.

“Our system lets you see how your sales are doing and get a clear snapshot of your business at all your locations,” says Nishin Sura, co-founder of caterfox. “We strive to keep our dashboard uncluttered in order for users to get where they need to go with as little clicks as possible. We know how busy catering staff are which is why the design is minimal so as not to distract from the task at hand.”

caterfox offers three pricing plans to accommodate from the smallest food trucks to the largest catering companies. The first plan is the Appetizer plan, for $69 per month, recommended for small businesses with a single location. The Platter plan, for $99 per month, is recommended for franchised restaurants with multiple locations. caterfox offers a Banquet plan that can be customized to any client’s needs with monthly pricing dependent on the customizations. This version is recommended for large restaurant groups and catering companies.

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About caterfox:

caterfox is a new software application that helps caterers grow and maintain their business – getting them back to the fun part: customer service and of course, cooking. caterfox focuses on simplicity, organization and analytics for their clients. Our mission is to make our process as simple and seamless for you as you do for your clients. Learn more at Friend them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter @yescaterfox.

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