Lamb Chops Made Easy by Chef Erwin Mallet of Villa Azur

At first glance, the meaty lollipop that are lamb chops can be a mystery as to how to perfectly cook one. Chef Erwin Mallet has come to the rescue of home cooks revealing his most important recipe steps for the mouthwatering Mediterranean Colorado Lamb Chops as featured on Villa Azur‘s menu.



Recipe for 4 pax



Lamb chop : 12 pc

Baby carrots : 12 pc

French peas : 400 gr

Mint : ½ bunch

Dry apricot : 4 oz

Brown sugar : 3 oz

Honey :1 oz

Rice wine vinegar : 2oz

Raz el hanout spice :1oz

Lamb stock demi glacé (or veal stock ) 10 oz


Olive oil

Salt, pepper



1st: Prep of the side:

Dip the baby carrots in boiled and salted water for 5 min and then put it in iced water.

Dip the French peas in boiled and salted water for 2 min and then put them in iced water.

Strain the carrots and the French peas on towel.

Blend the French peas with mint, salt and pepper.

Ground the almond but not to small and roast in the oven for 350 for 6 min.


2nd: The sauce:


In a pan pour the vinegar, 2 oz of brown sugar and the raz el hanout spice.

Cook until caramelized and deglaze with a lamb stock.

Reduce for 10 min low heat.  Add half off the dry apricot and blend. Keep warm in a pan and heat the rest of the apricot (sliced beforehand)


3rd: Cook and plate:

Heat a fry pan on a burner (high heat), add a little bit of olive oil and mark the lamb chop for 30 seconds, then change side and add butter, lower the burner, turn the side of lamb after 1 min. Cook for 30 seconds more and keep the lamb on paper towel.

Degrease your fry pan, add brown sugar, honey and 1oz of cold butter. Once the butter melts, roast the baby carrots in this mix until is caramelized.

At the same time heat up the mashed French peas.


Plate a circle of mashed French peas, arrange nicely the lamb chop, the baby carrots, glaze the chop with a dressing and keep some on a side.

Top with the roasted almonds and decorate with some mint leaves


Bon appétit!

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